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  Friday, February 23, 2018
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  IT Experience

DotNetNuke Web Design and Development and IT Project Management Skills, HP NonStop Tandem, PRINCE2 Practitioner

HP NonStop Tandem, PRINCE2 Practitioner, DotNetNuke Web Design and Development and IT Project Management Skills

DotNetNuke Web Design and Development and IT Project Management Skills, HP NonStop Tandem, PRINCE2 Practitioner

  1. PRINCE2 Project Manager
  2. HP NonStop Tandem Programmer
  3. DotNetNuke Web Design
  4. COBOL85 Programmer
  5. HP NonStop Technician
  6. PRINCE2 Practitioner
  7. Manchester
  8. Liverpool
  9. Bolton
  10. Tandem Technician
  11. Wigan
  12. Cheshire
  13. Lancashire
  14. TAL Programmer
  15. HP NonStop SQL
  16. IT Project Managers Manchester
  17. PRINCE2 Project Managers Manchester
  18. MediaCity UK
  19. Peel
  20. Web Design and Development
  21. Tandem Computers
  22. TACL programmer
  23. Consultant
  24. Technician
  25. Warrington
  26. Preston
  27. PRINCE2 Methodology
  28. Maintain DotNetNuke websites
  29. St. Helens
  30. Salford Quays
  31. Stockport
  32. Tandem programmers
  33. BASE24 programmer
  34. XPNET technician
  35. ASP.NET 2.0 3.5
  36. PATHWAY programmer
  37. Guardian programmer
  38. Tandem Computers
  39. MediaCityUK
  40. BOVIS
  41. Peel
  42. NWDA
  43. MediaCity UK
  44. PRINCE2 Project Managers Manchester
  45. PRINCE2 Project Managers Liverpool
  46. DotNetNuke Lancashire
  47. PRINCE2 Project Managers Lancashire
  48. PRINCE Practitioners Manchester
  49. sp/ARCHITECT The Software Partnership Deluxe Data International Operations Runcorn Nigel Walsh
  50. Leigh College Marshall Street Lancashire
  51. Bolton Institute of Higher Education BIHE Deane Road University of Bolton
  52. Park High Secondary School Park Road Lord Street Hindley Wigan
  53. Euroclear CRESTCo
  54. MediaCity UK Salford Quays Peel NWDA BOVIS BBC North University of Salford Mark Thompson
  55. PRINCE2 Foundation
  56. HP NonStop Tandem Switch Interchange BASE24 XPNET Consultants Technicians Programmers Engineers Routing Device Handlers Payments ATM POS TLF PTLF
  57. PRINCE2 Project Managers Recruitment Manchester Lancashire Liverpool Wigan Bolton Preston Warrington St. Helens Salford Quays Greater Manchester Runcorn Stockport
  58. DotNetNuke Manchester
  59. DotNetNuke Developers
  60. PATHWAY Guardian Open System Services OSS
  61. Company Website Development Company Web Design Business Websites Corporate Web Design

  Project 7 :

May 2000
to Present :

Current ITL Business CardInsider Technologies Limited, Salford Quays, ManchesterInsider Technologies Limited (ITL)
Spinnaker Court, Chandlers Point,
37 Broadway,
Salford Quays,
Manchester, United Kingdom.
M50 2YR

Area :

RTLX Reactor / Sentra / Reflex 80:20 / Reflex ONE24 Development, General NSK Development, MS SQL Stored Procedures
Product & Project Management (Certified PRINCE2 Practitioner and Agile - SCRUM),
Technical Pre-Sales & Consultancy, Training, Installation, Design, Coding & Testing,
ASP.NET using Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Reporting Services and SQL Server 2000/2008, Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT)

Website :

www.insiderteh.co.uk - I designed and built the ITL company website in 2009 with the DotNetNuke framework which uses ASP.NET 2.0 together with Microsoft SQL.

Position :

Manager - Strategic Technical Initiatives


  Primary IT Skills :

Programming Languages
(HP NonStop):

C#, Visual Basic, TAL, C, C++, Java, COBOL85, ENSCRIBE, TACL, NonStop & Microsoft SQL

Systems :

hp NonStop Server (formerly TANDEM) GUARDIAN with 
PATHWAY on K, S and J series platforms
Windows XP and 2000, Google Android

Packages :

ASP.NET & DotNetNuke technology (see www.mawhitfield.net) (1, 2)
Microsoft Visual Web Developer Express &
Visual Studio
HTML (some JavaScript)
Eclipse IDE
NetObjects Fusion (used to develop aspects of the Web Site www.mawhitfield.com)
CrystalPoint OutsideView
Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT)
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 / 2005 / 2008
Microsoft Reporting Services
Microsoft Project
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft SourceSafe
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Word
SeaGate Crystal Reports

Other :

PRINCE2 Foundation and PRINCE2 Practitioner

SafeSign Authentication and Management Server
- Security Resource Manager (SRM)



  Responsibilities :

Responsibilities :

Attending the Lisbon EBUG 2006Currently employed as a Project Manager and Pre-sales Technical Consultant at Insider Technologies. This role enables me to remain technically ‘hands-on’ for any issues or software initiatives that may arise for the company’s primary product set, namely the NSK based products Reflex 80:20, Reflex ONE24 and more recently MultiBatch and the Windows based Sentra / RTLX Reactor product. I have also attended an ASP.NET course and MS SQL course to allow me to carry out updates to the browser enabled aspects of the Sentra product.

As part of my primary management role at ITL, I successfully headed up a team to design and deliver mainframe ATM and point-of-sale monitoring software to HSBC bank in 2008. Prior to this implementation, I was heavily involved with the joint architects, Alliance & Leicester (now Santander) with the design, development and project management of the product delivery.

Since ITL is a relatively small software house, this role carries a wide range of responsibility including;

  • Design and maintenance of the ITL website at http://www.insidertech.co.uk
  • Project management of the complete software development life-cycle for new product initiatives, certified PRINCE2 Practitioner 
  • Providing technical assistance in support situations (both in-house and on-site), e.g. on-site Athens, Riyadh 
  • Production of functional design documents, technical interface documents, installation scripts and program specifications for any new or proposed NSK developments
  • A key part in major NSK sales bids in the UK and abroad which also includes presenting to ITL's IT Partners like Insession (now re-joined with ACI) and Logica 
  • Providing 24x7 technical support for; Bank of England, Royal Bank of Scotland and Euroclear (formerly CRESTCo) who provide settlement for 88% of the UK's equities
  • Providing 24x7 support (team) for ITL’s own products and the Thales e-SECURITY products; Security Resource Manager  (SRM) which runs on the NSK platform and both SafeSign Authentication and SafeSign Management Server which run on Windows and Unix platforms. These products provide for the request and response of Cryptographic functions (e.g. MACcing, Random Number Generation, PKI verification) to an attached application (Sentra Hypervisors 1, 2, 3).
  • Design and continued maintenance of the ITL Company Website using the Open Content Management framework DotNetNuke.
  • Helping to port the ITL Sentra product to run on a Unix platform by converting the existing Management Reports which are supported by Microsoft SQL Reporting Services, to use the Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) open source project.


Representing ITL at 2003 ITUGI have represented ITL at the EMEA BASE24™ User Group (EBUG) in Madrid, Prague, Vienna, Istanbul, Lisbon(a), Malta, Budapest, Edinburgh and South Africa (SATUG) and given presentations for the ITL BASE24™ enabled HP NonStop monitoring products as part of the EBUG’s technical track sessions. I have also represented the company at both the San Jose International Tandem User Group (ITUG) as well as the UK (BITUG) and written an article for the BITUG Newsletter on approaches to hp NonStop Enterprise Management as well as The Connection journal regarding ATM/POS monitoring and querying. I attend the BITUG Special Interest Group (SIG) for HP NonStop technical updates.


Representing ITL at BITUG 2006This role has also to date, involved the research, design and eventual programmatic integration of ITL products with other key third-party applications. These include leading payment applications BASE24™ and BASE24-eps™ (via the NET24/XPNET layer and Transaction Log Files - (P)TLF), Insession’s (now part of ACI Worldwide) communications software, ICE™ and the Enterprise Management solutions B&B COMMAND/POST (now BMC Performance Manager™), hp OpenView™ (HP Network Node Manager™ and HP OV Operations™ for Windows - now HP Operations Center) and TIVOLI™. With the latter integration projects, I was also assigned to manage the tasks required to achieve a certified status for the solutions provided by ITL and producing supporting user documentation and marketing literature. I have also project managed and provided technical input into the creation of a new ITL product called XPERT24. This enables monitoring of BASE24™ transaction switch interchanges (approval/denial rates) as well as the states, rates and queues currently recorded against ATM and POS networks.


Attending BITUG SIG March 2006I have studied the PRINCE2 Project Management Foundation course as part of my role at Insider Technologies Limited, to aid in my project management duties. I am now a PRINCE2 Practitioner (2011).


  DotNetNuke ITL Company Website

ITL requested that I design and author a new company website. For this I used the Open Content Management framework, DotNetNuke. This is a Visual Basic .NET Microsoft SQL database driven technology that enables website updates from any location with internet browser access.

As part of this exercise, website prominence was a key driver along with a more professional, corporate look-and-feel. The website (at http://www.insidertech.co.uk) is an ongoing programme of work that takes up a few hours a week of my time in taking it forward.

I have attended 2 website courses in this regard; ‘Writing for the Web’ and ‘Website Prominence and Visibility’.


  RTLX - Real-Time Log Extraction - Version Two :

As a result of conversations at the European BASE24™ User Group (EBUG) in 2006 (Lisbon) and 2007 (Istanbul), I assisted the company technical pre-sales effort in helping to secure a contract with a major bank based in Sheffield (UK). This contract required the adaptation of the ITL product RTLX (see Version One below) to monitor a more customized version of the HP NonStop product BASE24™ to that monitored by RTLX version one.

The bank’s card acquiring business had no mechanism to monitor the real time transaction flow and look for deviations against normal POS throughput behaviour that would indicate a problem and provide early warning to relevant parties. Monitoring retailer transaction volume shifts and types of transactions and authorisations were amongst the banks list of product requirements.

The bank had moved away from the standard deliverable file formats (supplied by ACI) typically used in logging both ATM and POS transaction records, to a more proprietary layout for their TLF and PTLF files. This resulted in a development project in-house, to modify the RTLX file extractor processes on the HP NonStop platform, to read the new record formats and relay the transaction data to a Microsoft SQL database on a Windows Server. The RTLX standard database format, SQL stored procedures, dashboards and management reports all had to be modified to cater for the new file formats as part of the development project.

When the contract was secured, one of my tasks as part of the in-house project, was to write the RTLX Technical Interface Specification document. This document details the TLF and PTLF file formats on the HP NonStop platform and the corresponding SQL database columns required to map the incoming record fields to. It also provides a clear indication to the bank of how each of the RTLX software deliverables fulfills the monitoring requirements set down in the user requirements document issued by the bank’s BASE24™ project team.

As part of installing the initial implementation of the RTLX product on-site, I was also required to produce the visual graphical displays on which to map the alerts required by the bank. The first of these graphical ‘hypervisors’ was produced for the POS acquiring business and is used to monitor the major POS retailers processed. This display is used to monitor retailers for changes in transaction authorization, denial, referral and stand-in rates.

The second display is required by the BASE24™ support area and is used to monitor the status of the entire BASE24™ system with emphasis on monitoring throughput of customer transactions across the interchanges/interfaces.

I also produced BASE24-eps™ and XPNET layer Hypervisor displays for both the EBUG and SATUG in 2008.


  RTLX - Real-Time Log Extraction - Version One :

Assigned to a team to help develop a new add-on module for an existing Windows based ITL product called Sentra. The new module called RTLX, provides real-time monitoring of both ATM and POS transactions routed and processed by the ACI application, BASE24™. Sentra achieves this by dynamically deploying extraction agents to the HP NonStop platform and relaying (P)TLF data back to the Windows Server (with Microsoft SQL resident) using ITL’s FastPipe product (in-house developed proprietary TCP/IP sockets protocol).

Attending EBUG 2006 LisbonMy role involved working with three Major Clearing Banks in Bootle, Merseyside, Sheffield and in London to assess their requirements for; Transaction Graphical Monitoring, Real-Time Charts, ATM/POS Queries and Management Reports. As part of the requirements gathering, I provided the project status updates to the Bank’s BASE24™ IT personnel and supplied further technical input to the development team as the project progressed. Towards the end of the first-phase of the project, I helped design and develop the real-time browser based charts and management reports using Microsoft Reporting Services and SQL Server (for building the appropriate SQL Stored Procedures). I represented ITL at the 2006 EBUG conference in Lisbon and 2007 in Istanbul to help launch and promote the new RTLX product extension to other financial institutions running the BASE24™ application.

here for supporting information for this project.


  XPERT24 :

Produced a technical design document and various program specifications for a new ITL product called XPERT24 (XPNET Performance Monitoring and Tracking) to monitor the performance of the XPNET layer of BASE24™. This product consists of hp Nonstop PATHWAY servers that both detect and process the XPNET MEASURE Counters currently available for the XPNET layer (rate, state and queue counters) and the transaction interchange counters (approval/denial rates of ATM/POS transactions). I provided both technical and design requirement information to the development team and the product manager assigned to overlook this project. I am currently responsible for installing the product at ACI in Watford for acceptance testing as well as producing the supporting marketing literature and technical user manual for this new product. As a subsequent design phase, I was requested to produce an R&D document for BASE24™ (P)TLF log file analysis and monitoring. The proposed design makes use of the ITL Windows product Sentra to provide the graphical front-end user views with a browser enabled interface.

here for supporting information for this project.


  HP OpenView Operations™ for Windows Integration :

Requested to research and produce a design for integrating the ITL NSK based Reflex 80:20 product with the hp OpenView Operations™ (hp OVO) Enterprise Manager. This initially involved a trip to Lisbon to attend the hp OpenView Universe event that represents the technical showcase for this enterprise level product. I then put together a number of design documents and managed a development team tasked with engineering an hp OpenView Smart Plug-in (SPI) to interact with Reflex 80:20 on the hp NonStop platform. This hp SPI approach represents the latest technology for integrating third-party products and provides an unparalleled approach for enabling remote platform control and management under hp OVO. Once the Reflex SPI development was complete, I overlooked acceptance testing at the hp labs at Fort Collins, Colorado and was instrumental in attaining HP certification for the Reflex 80:20 product. As part of the certification process, I produced a comprehensive Reflex SPI user guide along with supporting marketing literature. 

here for supporting information for this project.


  Operator Interface Subsystem (OISS) :

Requested to manage a major bid to replace a 10 year old, in-house developed operations tool, ‘OISS’ used at LloydsTSB, with ITL’s Reflex ONE24 product. This bid is still on going currently due to a management reorganisation at the bank. The current NSK tool manages and monitors the BASE24™ environment for the bank. More specifically, the OISS tool looks after the entire ATM estate at LloydsTSB, which consists of 5000 ATMs. The Reflex ONE24 product will require major enhancements in order to fully replace this BASE24™ management software. The gap analysis, technical assessment and costing of the project has been part of my current role in the technical initiatives area at ITL.


  Reflex ONE24 and BASE24™ Monitoring :

As part of taking the Reflex 80:20 product forward, I was asked to find ‘CPU friendly’ ways of integrating the product with the electronic payment and transaction application BASE24™. I designed and engineered a number of PATHWAY Servers that allow Reflex users to automatically detect all XPNET and ICE (by Insession) components and request detailed information and status about them. This is made possible by using a highly graphical WIN32 object tree presentation within the Reflex product and providing point-and-click GUI technology. The solution programmatically interfaces with the XPNET layer of BASE24™ using low-cost API calls and allows XPNET EMS events to be mapped to the graphical icons for real-time status. For ICE, the NSK subsystem programmatic interface (SPI) is used to extract ICE components from the NOF (Network Operator Facility) interface. This involved the installation and running of the ICE software in conjunction with appropriate use of ICE DDL libraries shipped with the product. These approaches provide ‘listen rather than interrogate’ methods for BASE24™ monitoring. I also produced the technical user guide and marketing literature to support this development. The resulting product is called Reflex ONE24. I am typically called upon for following up sales leads for the Reflex ONE24 product. I have installed this BASE24™ enabled product at a number of banks including LloydsTSB, Bank of Ireland, Bank of Valletta (Malta) and both Commercial and Piraeus Bank (Greece).

here for supporting information for this project.


  Other Tasks Include :

Consultancy / Pre-Sales – Ongoing input to marketing and pre-sales activities for major bids and also existing accounts to ascertain the path forward for ITL products. This has involved a trip to South Africa (SATUG) to promote interest in ITL products and several visits to London and Europe. I have also attended the ITUG in San Jose and the EBUG conferences to promote the BASE24™ enabled ITL product set. As part of an in-house consultancy team, helped extend a new ITL NSK reports suite using Microsoft Reporting Services and corresponding Microsoft SQL stored procedures.

Training and Demonstrations – The provision of technical training to customers and staff both in-house and at customer site. Assisting the marketing division with product demonstrations to potential clients as well as participating in major, NSK related technical conferences.

Helpdesk support – Interfacing to the ITL Helpdesk to aid their handling of customer queries and problems relating to previous releases of ITL products. This requires the assigning of live software problems encountered on client sites to appropriate ITL staff, and the update of current project plans to reflect impact to ongoing in-house developments. I am also involved when software problems require an on-site presence in order to look further at issues that cannot be replicated in-house.

Live Product Support – Providing 7 * 24 hour cover for major clients who make use of ITL software as part of their system management (Reflex) and batch management (MultiBatch) strategy.

I have studied the PRINCE2 Project Management Foundation course as part of my role at Insider Technologies Limited to aid in my project management duties.


  Professional Training :

Click here for a Gallery of available Professional Training Certificates.


Month / Year



July 2011

Android programming using the Eclipse IDE


June 2011

Java programming using the Eclipse IDE


May 2011

SCRUM for Practitioners Course (Pragmatic Agile)

RADTAC in-house - Insider Technologies Limited - Siraj Mohmed

June 2010

PRINCE2 Practitioner Course

ILX Group - Cyril Caulkin -
Gold e-Learning

May 2010

PRINCE2 Foundation Course

ILX Group - Cyril Caulkin -
Gold e-Learning

Nov 2009

Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT)

In-House - Insider Technologies Limited

July 2009

Thales HP NonStop Security Resource Module (SRM) HSM 8000 / payShield 9000 Gateway

In-House - Insider Technologies Limited - Karl Todd

May 2009

Website Promotion and Visibility by Design course

iTrain Education - London - Dave Fisher

May 2009

Writing for the Web

iTrain Education - London - Dave Fisher

March 2009

Querying Microsoft SQL 2000 with Transact SQL - M2071

QA Training - Unit 9, Pavilion Business Park, Leeds

January 2007

Developing Web Applications using
Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

Remarc Technologies Training - Leeds - Jason Gill

December 2006

Thales e-SECURITY SafeSign Product

In-House - Insider Technologies Limited

April 2006

Designing Good Marketing Literature

SkillPath Seminars (Andrew Chapman) - Manchester

March 2006


In-House - Thales e-SECURITY (Tim Fox)

February 2006

NetObjects Fusion

In-House - Insider Technologies Limited

January 2006

PRINCE2 Project Management Foundation

Correspondence Current

February 2005

WEB Services and SOA

In-House - Insider Technologies Limited

March 2004

MultiBatch NSK Job Scheduling Product

In-House - Insider Technologies Limited

February 2001

Sales and Marketing

In-House - Outsource (Peter Donovan)

May 2000

Microsoft Project ‘98

IIL UK Education Centre (Orange Belt)


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