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  Friday, February 23, 2018
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  Project 3 :

1996 to 1997 :

ITL LogoInsider Technologies Limited, Salford Quays, ManchesterInsider Technologies Limited (ITL)
Spinnaker Court, Chandlers Point,
37 Broadway, Salford Quays,
Manchester, United Kingdom.
M50 2YR

Area :

Reflex 80:20 Development
Team Leading, Design, Coding and Testing

Website :


Position :

Team Leader


  Primary IT Skills :

Programming Languages
(HP NonStop):


Systems :

hp NonStop Server (formerly TANDEM) GUARDIAN with 
PATHWAY on K and S series
Windows 95 / NT

Packages :

CrystalPoint OutsideView
Microsoft Project
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft SourceSafe
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Word

Other :

SUN Based Workstations


  Service Rules Analysis Software

Service Rules Analysis Software

After the design and development of the graphical Status Monitoring software detailed below, I completed a C/C++ course in London. The reason for attending this course was so that I could start to look at porting some of the Guardian proprietary system monitoring software running on the hp NonStop platform, to Windows workstations running NT.

Insider Technologies had successfully developed highly graphical hp NonStop system monitoring and automation software for the Operations Bridge to check the status of NSK objects and subsystems. The business side of ITL’s accounts also wanted to view actual service provision and availability as well as the component level hp NonStop status information. My task was to produce a Service Monitoring suite of software which would allow for the display of NSK objects running on various hp NonStop nodes in a cross sectional, service based representation. This was my largest undertaking to date and involved the production of an SQL database storing data driven rules allowing for BOOLEAN logic to be applied to NSK based objects for cross correlation and comparison.

Various PATHWAY C and C++ servers were written to collect status data. This data is then applied to the rules database in order to ascertain whether or not a service is in danger of becoming critical based on the components that make it up. The GUI representation followed a ‘Windows Explorer’ look-and-feel. A set of GUI screens were constructed to allow for the building of rules to apply at run time to NSK based entities in each service object tree. The C code on the hp NonStop platform uses embedded SQL to access the Reflex database. Queuing servers written in C++ were developed to forward pertinent object information from child NSK nodes to a nominated control node were the data could be parsed, interpreted and applied.

here for supporting information to this project.

This was the first time ITL had developed C and C++ PATHWAY servers on the hp NonStop platform and experience in this area of NSK programming is still hard to find.


  Professional Training :

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Month / Year



October 1999

C/C++ Programming

COMTEC Computer Training


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