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  Friday, February 23, 2018
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  IT Experience

  Project 2 :

1996 to 1997 :

ITL LogoInsider Technologies Limited, Salford Quays, ManchesterInsider Technologies Limited (ITL)
Spinnaker Court, Chandlers Point,
37 Broadway, Salford Quays,
Manchester, United Kingdom.
M50 2YR

Area :

Reflex 80:20 Development
Team Leading, Design, Coding and Testing

Website :


Position :

Team Leader


  Primary IT Skills :

Programming Languages
(HP NonStop):


Systems :

HP NonStop Server (formerly TANDEM) GUARDIAN with 
PATHWAY on K series
Windows 95 / NT

Packages :

CrystalPoint OutsideView
Microsoft Project
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft SourceSafe
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Word

Other :

SUN Based Workstations


  NSK System - Graphical Monitoring Software :

Responsible for designing and subsequently team leading a development team of hp NonStop and Windows programmers in the production of graphical NSK Status Monitoring software to be incorporated into the Reflex product. This software allows for the registration of various hp NonStop system objects, e.g. CPUs, Disks, Processes, MultiMessage objects, Communication Lines etc. and the subsequent monitoring of their status and health. The TAL PATHWAY server accepts input from a number of NonStop processes and a GUI interface in order to provide the latest real-time status information.

This was the first SQL project that Insider Technologies entertained. I was responsible for setting up the SQL database and constructing it in such a way as to allow for a ‘File Manager/ Windows Explorer’ type front end. This meant that hp NonStop objects could be grouped by type and viewed by way of drill down trees. The software is now running at a number of sites including the Bank of England and CRESTCo and is used by Operations Bridges to inform on the state of critical NSK objects and the overall status of selected NSK nodes.

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  HP NonStop EMS Event Viewer Console :

After the TAL course I was asked to write a PATHWAY server in TAL which could start up a number of EMS distributors on request, to allow for multiple user event views of a hp NonStop system. This involved SPI programming in TAL to attach collectors, filters and timestamps to distributors and subsequently populate internal buffers with the latest EMS information.

This console offers all of the features of the hp NonStop product Viewpoint but also with a GUI front end. Also provided is the ability to breakdown events into their appropriate tokens (like the hp NonStop EMSA product) and search events based on elected token values. I was responsible for conveying the GUI front-end interface requirements to the Windows team assigned to the project. This Event Console is now part of the Reflex product and allows events to be copied into the Reflex database. The event can then be configured against a Reflex reaction, e.g. generate an SMS message or email. The Event Console is also available as a separate product.

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  Professional Training :

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Month / Year



November 1995

HP NonStop TAL Programming

HP NonStop UK Education Centre


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